Monday, October 21, 2013

for Malala

Your courage  flows into the river that meets the sea, your wisdom surrounds us with compassion that helps us all see. Your voice is heard throughout the world and has given hope not only to those who can not read , but to those who can not see. Your  smile  is much brighter than Mona lisa  I think we all agree. The  beauty of your soul is the best! I have ever seen. Young and brave as the wind blows, your dreams are true and you have planted your seed, and  it well grow just watch  and see. The sun will never set in your eyes,  you will always be bright as a star! and for me I am just Tomas, an eagle that flies to the mountain tops to feel the warmth of the sun as it rest upon my wings as I  fly,  it always makes me happy  to see the wisdom of  young  Malala  be bigger than the moon and sun. 

Tomas l Trujillo

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Inline image 2
I sit down at my desk with a candle light that flickers upon the wall.
I feel the winter chill go up my spine, there is no heat and my thoughts are cold and weak, my stomach empty, and in desperation I write.
Forget me if you will, but open your heart to those who are in need.
The children I speak about, so many that need your light and the warmth of your hand . Give them some peace and bring them your smile, be there angel, if it's only for a day is all I ask of you.
Read a story or a poem and you will receive a hug or a smile to warm your winter day. They will start to dream of better days and feel the warmth of the sun once again because of the true beauty of your soul.
It's cold and I must go, I am homeless too.
If you should meet my sister, Molly and my mother, Brenda, please tell them I am fine and doing well.
You might meet them at the shelter there now.
The cold wind blows through the broken glass and down the hall where I rest. I lie on the floor curled up in a ball to try and keep warm.  I close my eyes just for a minute and open them to see a light. A man stood there with wings.
"Are you my angel." I whisper?
" Daddy, is that you." I ask?
Yes, it's me little Tommy, it's me. I am here to take you home now.
Daddy and I start to walk towards the light as he holds me in his arms.
I drop my letter on to the floor to see it drift with the wind.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Road Home

I want to tell you about an event that I attended recently for a homeless shelter in Utah called The Road Home.  In fact, it is a homeless shelter for 200 children. It is hard to fathom but true. I am telling you about it not to boost my own self esteem but to bring more awareness to those who are in need.

The benefit gave away food and drink and I autographed books while a band played music in the background. I was greeted nicely by parents visiting kids and thanked for coming.

I am most grateful to the staff who work so hard to keep the shelter running and help to mend the broken hearts of so many children. They really are a blessing.

I am happy that I was able to do this for the shelter and the children there. To see their smiles brought me great joy and was heartwarming.

If you would like to donate to this shelter or would like to know  more about it or events happening at the shelter, contact: or 801-910-7293 and ask for Kelli McFall.

Thank you,

Sunday, September 15, 2013


The hot desert sun dry my lips as if was once a prosperous lake filled with cool water having no mercy and taking its last drop of water. I thirst! The heat filled my mind with confusion and I am seeing things that are not real, my eyes are swollen and my body burns as I drag myself across the desert sand. How I got here I do not remember. It wont be long now as the buzzards fly above waiting and watching for me to fade away with the desert wind. I close my eyes and reach deep inside, into my soul and cry for help but there is nothing left not even a whisper. I start to dream of you and my memory returns to me, yes its quite clear now my pleasure moments I spent with you is all I want to think about, your touch your smile the starlight in your eyes as we stand safe in our castle that face the sea. Watching the waves clashing against the rocks as the moonlight reflects its light unto the sea, the sound of birds that fly past catch our eye. We are surrounded by my army to protect us from evil dragons and witches that wish to destroy our love. Before I die I will whisper your name, my promise to you, the gentle wind blows through your hair and leaves me breathless, the look in your eye when you whisper, kiss me my king, I could never forget. This will go unwritten, my last  thought of you I truly regret. I reach for my sword to help me to my feet. I stand only to see  my knights lie next to me, a battle it was, I fall to the ground and close my eyes for the last time and whisper your name as promise Guinevere.

By Tomas L Trujillo

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review of my book, "Catch The Wind"

This is a review of my book from Away We Go Ambassador Ashley, age 15.

About The Book:
Product Details Catch The Wind is the extraordinary adventure of two young boys who venture into the heartland of gator country in the Mississippi swamplands. Their exciting and perilous journey by raft down the mighty Mississippi River leaves you with only one thought: What will they do next?

My Review:

Catch The Wind is full of adventure from the very beginning. River was headed to his favorite fishing hole when he spotted a boy fighting with the fish on the end of his line. So River rushes over to the boy and starts to help pull the fish up and out of the water. The fish just happens to be the biggest catfish ever seen and the boy turns out to be his new neighbor, William. They do almost everything together, even getting in to trouble. River's grandpa comes to visit and starts telling the boys about a giant gator. This, peaking the boys interests starts them planning to build a home-made raft to take down the Mississippi River. 

I have three brothers so I feel like I know what adventure is all about. This story reminds me a lot of my brothers and all the wild crazy things they get into. The author has done an outstanding job of making me feel like I was a part of the story.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review of my book

This is a review from one of the Away We Go Summer Reading Club Ambassadors about my book.

Review By: Crystal  (Age 13)

I spent a bit of my summer reading this book about how two boys about my age spent their summer. We clearly have very different summers. Their summer started out by meeting each other, I have met new friends this summer too. That is about where the similarities end.

While the book is funny and full of adventure there is a very sad part. Both boys Dads lose their jobs. Really bad luck, not because their Dad's are some how bad. It has to be a very scary situation. Would families like that starve to death? Would anyone help them? How can this happen in the country I live in. I no people lose jobs all the time and houses too but I hadn't really thought about it much.

In the story there is a killer alligator, people go hunting for it and never come out. There is prize of 25k to anyone who can catch it. The boys get a crazy idea to go hunt it. They could save their homes and be heroes. My favorite part of the book is when the boys leave a note for River's Mom. Part of it says "P.S. Be back in a few days. P.P.S. Grandpa please help Mom understand." I couldn't help but laugh and think how much trouble they would be in. I told my Mom about this part and she laughed to and told me to tell her when the boys get into trouble or when they get eaten. To both our shock, the boys didn't really get hurt and more shockingly didn't get into trouble! I would have been in so much trouble. I think most kids would. It doesn't seem realistic to me. My summer will not be that adventurous, I want to see my next birthday!

I will not give away the ending.

One of the things that bugged me about the book was that the chapters are a mess. Some very short chapters and then some really long ones. When you set out to read a chapter or two a day and then end up being 50 pages and some end up being just 4 pages long that can be really annoying. For homeschooling I get to do a lot of figuring out how much I am reading per day but I know public school teachers like to go by chapters and that might annoy them too. The book needs more chapters that are not so so long. Someone needed to give the alligators perspective, people moving into it's home land and people hunting them to turn them into boots! If I was an alligator I would defend myself too!

Other than an unrealistic ending and weird chapter length I liked the book. Friendships are important and taking care of family is too. I learned a bit about alligators from the book and then went and researched them more on my own. Did you know alligators have brown eyes and crocodiles have green eyes. The longest alligator known so far has grown to be 17 feet long!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Dream

I dream

I dream of Montana sky filled with starlight. I dream of the warm sun resting on my shoulder before it set in the west. I dream of wild life surrounding me as I walk down a dirt road. I dream of children running with the wind as they play. But most of all I dream of you. I dream of looking into your eyes as we sit next to a lake and hear the fish jump to feed as the birds sing. I dream of holding your hand on a winter's day. I dream of your smile as I whisper I love you. I tomas

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Giveaway

Hello, I am Tomas Trujillo.
I was born in Salt Lake City in 1950, but have lived in the Los Angeles area for the past forty years.

Anora is my first published book followed by Catch The Wind. I am currently writing a third book.
I enjoy skiing and the beauty of nature, and finds inspiration in the kindness and beauty of ones soul.

To reintroduce myself and my books to the reading communities of the world, you the reader of this blog have a chance to win my book Anora and $20 Paypal cash.

Enter in the Rafflecopter below.

Where you can find me:

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Giveaway is open World Wide and ends May 19, 2013 at 12 AM MST.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Am The Wind

I am the wind.  

It was your smile that caught my eye on that hazy afternoon as you were crossing over the St. Paul Bridge. 

It was I that whispered your in your ear, you're wonderful.
I am the wind that blows through your hair on a summer afternoon. 
I am the wind that carries your kiss across the sea into a sailor's dream. 
Gentle I come as a soft breeze and carry you in my arms to an open field of spring flowers and warm sunlight that caresses your lips and hears your heart beat.
I am the wind that surrounds you with love on a winter night by a warm fire
It was I that whispered you're wonderful as you crossed over the St Paul Bridge on that hazy afternoon. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

From Anora, written by Tomas Trujillo

Every Way, 

How could I ever sit down and write a poem about someone like you? 

How could I ever share my thoughts, my feelings and what I see when I look into your eyes 

Should I write and tell how you take my breath away or about the moon and stars and 

flowers and rain?

No, I think not. I guess I will just have to say you're so beautiful in every way.

From Anora, written by Tomas Trujillo

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Anora

Read Anora's review, written by The Gerber Babies!

 Anora is a book written for adults. When I read books written for adults, especially "romance" novels, I often have to skip over pages of raunchy material that is "supposed" to entice me and make me want to read it. I usually read young adult books because I don't have to skip material and I can read a book the way the author wanted me to. From start to finish. Anora is very different from any adult books I've read. Years ago, another famous male author proved to me that men can indeed write romance books with feeling. Years later, I've found myself tired of the same story over and over. And someone always dies. With Tomas, I knew he was talented after reading his book for children. I swear, he's an up and coming Mark Twain and I don't think I'm off base to compare him to a legend. Take a chance. He's that good. His book for adults may even be better.

Anora is so real and the characters have so much depth considering the length of the book. It's only 70 pages. It's a quick read and my only complaint is that it isn't longer. I'd give anything to have Anora for more than a night or a long afternoon. That sounds bad, doesn't it? Seriously, this is a book I never want to put down and I would not complain if it had taken me a week to read it from start to finish.

Johnny is the main character of the story and he joins the Marines because it gives him freedom from his past. His family isn't really a family and he doesn't have the chance to experience any beauty in life because there is no one to love him. He's bullied and he makes the reader understand just how bad it can be to be in his shoes when deep down, you're scared of everyone. I had such an overwhelming sense of sympathy and it tore at my heart to know Johnny started his life in a cruel way. Johnny finds an outlet and learns to fight while in the Marines. It isn't long before he goes to Vietnam and he experiences the horrors of war. Taken as a POW, Johnny desperately tries to keep it together through the cruelty and abuse. He is disfigured and kept alive so the torture can continue. I've never been to war, but the author paints such a dramatic picture that I am allowed a brief glimpse into the horrible existence of being a prisoner of war in a "torture" camp. Johnny escapes with the others that are being held and does the unthinkable before leaving. He is left with nightmares and he looks in the mirror only to find that he no longer recognizes the person he has become. It's more than skin deep. He has demons to face but he isn't ready. He pushes them deeper and deeper, letting them fester as the infection builds. Being called a hero seems to trouble him. I can't tell you all the little details, but he meets an amazing man living on the streets. This man guides him home, to his Anora. Anora is actually a woman and she finds Johnny, battered and bruised and opens her heart to help him heal. The author opens a floodgate of emotions and Johnny learns to trust and he learns to gain support from others. He finds love and understanding through the kindness of a stranger. He finds beauty in the world and in the heart and soul of his Anora.

If you love reading books that touch your soul and take you on an emotional ride with more ups than downs, you must read Anora. You'll laugh and you'll cry and you'll walk away feeling something you may not have felt in years. Hope. Hope for others that are down on their luck. Hope that others will find love. Hope that there are people out there that look beyond the physical and emotional scars and search for the beauty within. Yes, you can get that from a book. As bad as things get, things will eventually get better because I believe there is something good for everyone, if only they'll take the time to open their hearts and look. I closed the book and had the overwhelming sense of luck-lucky to have found my Anora in life. Anora is a book of healing. It's a book about facing demons and finding love.

Have you read Anora? Get it on Amazon!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Am Having My First Giveaway!

The very talented  Laura Deluca recently featured my books on her websites.  If you haven't been to her websites, you are missing out! She has a fantastic review blog called New Age Mama and she is hosting a $25 Paypal giveaway! You can also visit her blog, Laura Deluca. She has featured my books and giveaway there too! You may recognize her name because she is the wonderful author of popular young adult novels including Destiny, Destiny Unveiled,  Phantom, and Morrigan. Thank you to all my new fans and followers that discovered me through Laura! I am looking forward to sharing my books with you!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Special Thanks

As an author, great feedback is always appreciated. I have received a lot of praise and I'd like to share what some fans have had to say about Catch The Wind!

This a must have for your home library, and great for grandparents to keep for story telling. A bonus for your school library, cant wait for the next one containing Emily.

this is a delightful book that is an easy read. this would be good for young children and adults and gives you a look at a different era. i wish there were more books like this. i am waiting for his next book thanks tomas trujillo

It's a very refreshing story the whole family can enjoy. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. I also purchased his other book Anora!
-Dr Joe Schmoe

This book was a delight to read, and would capture any young readers mind in the first few pages. A must buy for this holiday season.

Shades of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Updated for modern times. Only here, family plays a big part in the story. Excellent reading for anyone, but especially the younger readers.
-White Dragon

Thank you all for your words. They are very much appreciated! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Destined To Become A Classic!

I love to work with bloggers. A while back, I sent a copy of my book to Julie from The Gerber Babies Blog and Away We Go. She reviewed "Catch The Wind" and here's what she had to say:

"Catch The Wind" is a book that welcomes you to the deep south. It reminds me of a tale written by the legendary Mark Twain-a classic tale of boys and their childhood adventures. I instantly found comfort in this book and I could envision a friendship blooming beneath the moss covered oaks and on the swing of a southern front porch. The southern charm and dialect is dead on. I could connect with characters so well written, I could see (and hear)them when I closed my eyes. Tomas Trujillo, the author of "Catch The Wind," captures the spirit of youth so well.

River and William met along the riverbank with a large, rod bending fish on the line. I can't imagine a better start! With the large fish caught and cleaned, William began telling his tale of a giant alligator to a wide-eyed River. River's father confirmed the story, and told him about the large bounty on the gator's head, and then added a few words of warning. Having River's grandpa add to the tale only increased his fascination and excitement! The boys grew to be close friends. They spent their days together and fished together. That old gator tale was never forgotten. No, it lingered just beneath the surface of their thoughts, waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to awaken their adventurous spirits.

The boys were also close to their parents. They were protective of their families and longed to ease their burden when the mill closed and their dads lost their jobs. They began thinking of the bounty on the gator's head. That old gator was wanted dead or alive. River's dad asked William's dad to help him hunt the gator. They could each use the money since they both lost their jobs at the mill. They set off to catch the alligator. The boys also made the decision to set off on their own journey. From there, their adventure moves swiftly like the mighty Mississippi. I won't spoil the ending for you, or tell you what happens on the river and once their feet hit dry land. I'll just warn you. Hang on to your seat because it's a wild ride! I hope this isn't the end of their tale. I'd love to catch up with them in a few years! This is a great book to read on a lazy afternoon. Be sure to pour yourself a tall glass of sweet tea and grab a few pillows for the swing. If you don't have one, a chair will be just fine. After a few pages, it won't matter where you're sitting. You'll find yourself deep in the heart of Mississippi. You'll hear the crickets in the distance and the unmistakable sound of the river rushing towards the sea. This book carries you there and then safely returns you home. Thanks for the trip. This book is destined to become a classic!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


My name is Tomas Trujillo and I am the author of two books. My first book is Anora and it's a story about true love. Some wounds are superficial, but some lie buried deeper and take longer to heal. Johnny's story gives all survivors the hope that they, like Johnny, will one day find their way home.

Johnny's compelling story begins in the jungles of Vietnam as he suffers imprisonment and torture at the hands of his Viet Cong captors. The desperate actions he takes to free himself and his friends leaves him with constant nightmares and the fear that he will never feel at peace again.

His odyssey takes him from a grand celebration as a Medal of Honor recipient to a rootless and violent existence on the streets. When circumstance sends him on a journey to Pennsylvania, he meets a lovely woman named Anora, who could be both the love of his life and his salvation.

My second book is Catch The Wind and I've been told that it is a story that reminds others of the tales written by the legendary Mark Twain. It's a book written for younger adults and I believe any middle school aged child will easily connect with the two main characters. It's a great "old-fashioned story" with strong family ties and a friendship that runs deep. It takes place in the Deep South and you may able to hear the sounds of crickets as you sit back and turn the pages. 

Catch The Wind is the extraordinary adventure of two young boys who venture into the heartland of gator country in the Mississippi swamplands. Their exciting and perilous journey by raft down the mighty Mississippi River leaves you with only one thought: What will they do next? Read my book and watch the south come alive beneath the massive oak trees!

I'm so happy that you found my blog! I've always been an adventurous guy. I love the wind and rain and the poems they bring. I love the mountain breezes on a Sunday. Most of the time I dream of fruitful days and living in the sun. One day I hope to photograph the Outback! Pull up a chair and join me from time to time. Please send me an email. I love to hear from my fans!