Monday, October 21, 2013

for Malala

Your courage  flows into the river that meets the sea, your wisdom surrounds us with compassion that helps us all see. Your voice is heard throughout the world and has given hope not only to those who can not read , but to those who can not see. Your  smile  is much brighter than Mona lisa  I think we all agree. The  beauty of your soul is the best! I have ever seen. Young and brave as the wind blows, your dreams are true and you have planted your seed, and  it well grow just watch  and see. The sun will never set in your eyes,  you will always be bright as a star! and for me I am just Tomas, an eagle that flies to the mountain tops to feel the warmth of the sun as it rest upon my wings as I  fly,  it always makes me happy  to see the wisdom of  young  Malala  be bigger than the moon and sun. 

Tomas l Trujillo

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