Sunday, September 29, 2013


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I sit down at my desk with a candle light that flickers upon the wall.
I feel the winter chill go up my spine, there is no heat and my thoughts are cold and weak, my stomach empty, and in desperation I write.
Forget me if you will, but open your heart to those who are in need.
The children I speak about, so many that need your light and the warmth of your hand . Give them some peace and bring them your smile, be there angel, if it's only for a day is all I ask of you.
Read a story or a poem and you will receive a hug or a smile to warm your winter day. They will start to dream of better days and feel the warmth of the sun once again because of the true beauty of your soul.
It's cold and I must go, I am homeless too.
If you should meet my sister, Molly and my mother, Brenda, please tell them I am fine and doing well.
You might meet them at the shelter there now.
The cold wind blows through the broken glass and down the hall where I rest. I lie on the floor curled up in a ball to try and keep warm.  I close my eyes just for a minute and open them to see a light. A man stood there with wings.
"Are you my angel." I whisper?
" Daddy, is that you." I ask?
Yes, it's me little Tommy, it's me. I am here to take you home now.
Daddy and I start to walk towards the light as he holds me in his arms.
I drop my letter on to the floor to see it drift with the wind.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Road Home

I want to tell you about an event that I attended recently for a homeless shelter in Utah called The Road Home.  In fact, it is a homeless shelter for 200 children. It is hard to fathom but true. I am telling you about it not to boost my own self esteem but to bring more awareness to those who are in need.

The benefit gave away food and drink and I autographed books while a band played music in the background. I was greeted nicely by parents visiting kids and thanked for coming.

I am most grateful to the staff who work so hard to keep the shelter running and help to mend the broken hearts of so many children. They really are a blessing.

I am happy that I was able to do this for the shelter and the children there. To see their smiles brought me great joy and was heartwarming.

If you would like to donate to this shelter or would like to know  more about it or events happening at the shelter, contact: or 801-910-7293 and ask for Kelli McFall.

Thank you,

Sunday, September 15, 2013


The hot desert sun dry my lips as if was once a prosperous lake filled with cool water having no mercy and taking its last drop of water. I thirst! The heat filled my mind with confusion and I am seeing things that are not real, my eyes are swollen and my body burns as I drag myself across the desert sand. How I got here I do not remember. It wont be long now as the buzzards fly above waiting and watching for me to fade away with the desert wind. I close my eyes and reach deep inside, into my soul and cry for help but there is nothing left not even a whisper. I start to dream of you and my memory returns to me, yes its quite clear now my pleasure moments I spent with you is all I want to think about, your touch your smile the starlight in your eyes as we stand safe in our castle that face the sea. Watching the waves clashing against the rocks as the moonlight reflects its light unto the sea, the sound of birds that fly past catch our eye. We are surrounded by my army to protect us from evil dragons and witches that wish to destroy our love. Before I die I will whisper your name, my promise to you, the gentle wind blows through your hair and leaves me breathless, the look in your eye when you whisper, kiss me my king, I could never forget. This will go unwritten, my last  thought of you I truly regret. I reach for my sword to help me to my feet. I stand only to see  my knights lie next to me, a battle it was, I fall to the ground and close my eyes for the last time and whisper your name as promise Guinevere.

By Tomas L Trujillo