Thursday, January 24, 2013


My name is Tomas Trujillo and I am the author of two books. My first book is Anora and it's a story about true love. Some wounds are superficial, but some lie buried deeper and take longer to heal. Johnny's story gives all survivors the hope that they, like Johnny, will one day find their way home.

Johnny's compelling story begins in the jungles of Vietnam as he suffers imprisonment and torture at the hands of his Viet Cong captors. The desperate actions he takes to free himself and his friends leaves him with constant nightmares and the fear that he will never feel at peace again.

His odyssey takes him from a grand celebration as a Medal of Honor recipient to a rootless and violent existence on the streets. When circumstance sends him on a journey to Pennsylvania, he meets a lovely woman named Anora, who could be both the love of his life and his salvation.

My second book is Catch The Wind and I've been told that it is a story that reminds others of the tales written by the legendary Mark Twain. It's a book written for younger adults and I believe any middle school aged child will easily connect with the two main characters. It's a great "old-fashioned story" with strong family ties and a friendship that runs deep. It takes place in the Deep South and you may able to hear the sounds of crickets as you sit back and turn the pages. 

Catch The Wind is the extraordinary adventure of two young boys who venture into the heartland of gator country in the Mississippi swamplands. Their exciting and perilous journey by raft down the mighty Mississippi River leaves you with only one thought: What will they do next? Read my book and watch the south come alive beneath the massive oak trees!

I'm so happy that you found my blog! I've always been an adventurous guy. I love the wind and rain and the poems they bring. I love the mountain breezes on a Sunday. Most of the time I dream of fruitful days and living in the sun. One day I hope to photograph the Outback! Pull up a chair and join me from time to time. Please send me an email. I love to hear from my fans!

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